Join the Zyba team, we're hiring!

At Zyba we're looking for the best engineers and scientists to join our clean-tech startup and to help us build sustainable and ecological solutions.

Role: Engineer

Location: London

Salary: Competitive


Zyba is a clean-tech startup based in London. At Zyba, we’re creating a world where ocean waves are transformed to protect coastlines, grow artificial reefs and generate renewable electricity.

Since 2014, we’ve been developing our technology, CCell, an ultra-lightweight wave energy converter, which moves back and forth with the waves and generates electricity. We use a portion of this electricity locally to grow artificial coral reefs in any shape or size from minerals in the water. This electrical process, which can increase coral growth by 5-8 times compared to nature is known as Biorock and was pioneered by our partners The Global Coral Reef Alliance. These reefs grow to provide long-term coastal protection acting as active nearshore breakwaters, while also enhancing marine ecosystems. Any excess electricity from the system can be used to power local microgrids or for other off-grid applications.

We’re a young, dynamic group of engineers and scientists and we’re looking to expand. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, challenging environment with plenty of responsibility and opportunities for development, we’d like to hear from you!

Role description:

As an Engineer at Zyba, you will work with our technical team and report directly to our research and development lead. The role will range from developing new approaches and challenging current designs, to detailed design and numerical modeling.

You will be expected to use strong engineering knowledge to develop our existing numerical modeling capabilities, with a focus around electronics and control systems. In addition to design, you will be involved in building and testing initial prototypes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Concept design of electronics and control systems
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Building and testing prototypes
  • Numerical modeling

Required Skills:

We’re looking for people with broad engineering knowledge, ideally with a background in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering and/ or Controls. At Zyba you’ll get the chance to be a part of a young, diverse and dynamic team, being a part of a London tech startup

  • Technical and practical engineering knowledge
  • Ability and desire to work in a dynamic environment with changing demands and focuses
  • C++ or similar
  • Desire to challenge the norm and to be challenged
  • Desire to learn (a lot and very fast!)
  • Passionate and motivated
  • Good communication skills (verbal and written in internal and external situations)
  • Good team working skills

Please send CVs and covering letters to