Zyba was founded in 2004 by our CEO, Dr Will Bateman. Zyba has since focused on delivering excellence through advanced engineering and numerical modelling.

Throughout the years we have developed strong numerical and digital modelling capabilities, as demonstrated in our software solutions. We have utilized these expertise to engineer beautiful solutions to some of the world’s largest challenges including rising sea levels and an ever increasing demand for energy.

Our core technology, CCell, which was designed to deliver a sustainable solution for coastal communities, was initially developed in 2012 following Dr Bateman’s PhD modeling extreme ocean waves from Imperial College London.

Our Missions

Our mission is to use our engineering skills to develop solutions that help solve global challenges.

Our vision with CCell is to create a world where wave energy is used to protect coastlines from erosion, enhance marine ecosystems with new corals and generate renewable energy.

Our vision with CodeCogs is to support developments in engineering and sciences that can, hopefully ultimately contribute to tackling major global challenges such as climate change.

CCell Vision